Friday, August 27, 2010

Careers Opportunities in Social Media Marketing!

How hot is social media marketing (SMM)? According to the CMO Survey, sponsored by the Duke University Fuqua School of Business and American Marketing Association, social media spending is expected to grow by a whopping 300 percent in the next 5 years!

What does the rapid growth in social media spending mean for jobs in the field? The Social Media Influence report, The State of Social Media Jobs 2010, found that, “The number of social media job postings has increased by more than 600 percent to over 21,000 in the past five years.” Moreover, the demand for social media marketers is expected to continue and expand rapidly, as more corporations embrace social media as viable marketing strategy. Admittedly, in relative terms, the number of SMM jobs is still small compared to traditional PR, marketing, and advertising positions. Despite the diminutive size, social media jobs are where the rapid growth is occurring, while the conventional positions are shrinking or stagnant.

To learn more about the career opportunities in social media marketing, check out the following resources:


  1. Great post Melissa! The information about careers in social media marketing is just what I have been looking for. Thanks!

    James T.

  2. What kind of careers that will be new in social media is of interest to me. With all the new jobs being created in the rapidly growing market I am wondering if new job titles are being formed as we speak. An example might be a Web Marketing facilitator or Sales agent. I would think that Social Accountability would be a position within a large company.

    What do you think will be the grunt labor force of this new work force. Do you think that the heirarcy is already established within most companys and will be just an added responsibility to a established position or job title. Thus, current jobs will just need to add more training to stay relevant with the times. Or do you think that this segment will make new careers.

    Christopher A. Mcquain

  3. Hi Christopher,

    You raise a great question and I think you answered it as well. There new positions being formed in companies to handle the day-to-day implementation of social media marketing (I work in just such a position), and many companies are indeed just adding these duties to existing marketing, PR, and advertising positions.

  4. I find it amazing how quickly social media has affected marketing strategies for businesses. The popularity and versatility of social media brags the innovation and relevance many businesses are striving to attain to stand apart from the competition. You have a very informative blog. I can definitely see how employment can rise within businesses for social media purposes. What a great market to tap into.

    - Tony Bowe

  5. Using the internet allows you to get out and reach possible customers on a more personal level than mass marketing through TV, radio and billboards. Because the internet is potentially limitless, you are never going to run out of capacity. According to your posting the employment listings for the social media jobs has risen 600% in the past five years. Those numbers are off the charts, also they show how important these positions are, and will continue to be in the future.
    The fact that spending for social media marketing is expected to grow by 300 is very promising. With the current state of the economy, many businesses are worried about spending more money until the economy shows more signs of continued strength. Overall, I found your posting to be direct to the point and very informative. Great job. Michael Arnold

  6. I think that is is an AWESOME thing that all these jobs are expected to grow in 5 years. We need as many jobs as possible and I think that a career like Media Marketing is a stable position. Were you can also move up in.

    This type of marketing is something I have never heard of which is a good thing because since is a new trend it will be around for a while since it isnt out worn yet. With statistics like growth of over 600% this is sure to be a good area of work for our poor society right now.

    Jalisa Andreasen

  7. Considering the current dreary economic outlook, a 600% growth rate is astonishing. I suppose that statistic isn't too hard to believe, as it seems all indicators are pointing towards the importance of social media marketing. I am currently employed as director of marketing for a small business, and my experience has largely been that social media marketing gets easily overlooked. Before I made a push to implement a social media campaign, the "old school" approach to advertising was dominant. My boss is a few generations older than I am, and he doesn't understand social media marketing in the slightest. That has lead to him finding my know-how in the field even more valuable.

  8. I have to say that it is exciting to see new positive fields emerging from the internet. It doesn't surprise me that business will continue to find ways to increase their presence on the net. When the internet first hit the scene I predicted that it would be big for business, but I had no idea that it would create full time positions in marketing let alone departments.
    I am sure that with the internet still in its relative infancy, the sky is the limit. Thank you for your articles on social media marketing and I look forward to learning more.
    John O'Brien

  9. Hi John,

    You put it well, with social media marketing, the sky is the limit. It will be interesting to see where all this social media takes us in five years!

  10. After reading about social media jobs and how they are expected to grow over the years I looked at the links. I was surprised at how much some of people were making in hour to just to sit at the computer and promote their business online. I’m not saying that’s not important to promote your company and monitor for any positive or negative feedback about your company so that your company can improve.
    It’s just that I noticed that the main jobs in those fields were tailored towards large corporations and online companies. What about the mom and pop shops. The older generation that has the little shops and don’t have the money to hire somebody who knows about social media. How are they going to survive? Can they survive without being linked to some sort of social media?
    Domenica Wilson

  11. I think you make a valid point. As for the little shops that don't necessarily have the budget to hire a full time social media marketer, they owners have to take on that responsibility. In fact, it is a very popular way for smaller businesses to promote themselves for a variety of reasons. Two reasons that come to mind are: (1) it is low cost to no cost to them (2) it is easy to set up

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