Friday, January 13, 2012

5 Social Media Productivity Tips

When is the last time you asked someone how things are going and didn’t get this response: “I’m so busy!” In fact, that is the only answer I think I’ve heard over the last two years.

Everyone is busy, including you. Instead of using “I’m busy” as an excuse (though true it may be) to let your social media profiles go untouched; try out a few of these tips to help make yourself more productive:

  1. Make a Recurring Calendar Reminder – Set aside (and limit yourself) to 30 minutes every day to update your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. with just a quick post. Maybe that post is a link to an interesting article or a note about a restaurant you’re headed to. Regardless of what it is, make sure you’re posting regularly. Otherwise, what is the point of having an account? 
  2. Quality Over Quantity – Set up Google Alerts for a topic that you care about. Post links to those articles for your friends and colleagues to read. This is a great way to ensure your content is valuable. 
  3. Skim Quickly – Avoid rabbit holes when reading your timeline or newsfeed. Skim for the most interesting information and “Ctrl + Click” the links you’d like to go back to when you’re bored during your lunch hour. Oh, and remember to “Like” (on Facebook), “+1” (on Google+), or retweet (on Twitter) your favorite posts. ;) 
  4. Install Apps on Your Phone – I’m going to go out on a limb and make the assumption that you, like the majority of the United States, have a smart phone. Install the app for each of the social media sites you have profiles on. This makes maintaining and updating your profiles a breeze. 
  5. Respond When You See It – If someone comments on your page or tweets at you, respond when you see it. This ensures you’ll remember to respond and let’s face it, everyone loves a quick response.