Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Driving Conversation with Article Directories

Image by vikram.prashant
Article directories are another incredibly effective way to promote your Web site for free. Article directories are public content depositories, where you can submit articles and Web site owners can pick them up for placement on their own sites. Since there are tens of thousands of ezines (electronic magazines) and other content-heavy sites, the requirement is a never ending for a fresh stream of articles to attract viewership, links, and gain high search engine rankings.

You can generate a large number of relevant links back to your site or blog by writing unique articles and submitting them to these article directories. If you follow the rather strict and lengthy submission guidelines at these article directories and create timely, catchy and well-written stories, your articles are likely to be approved and made available for use by ezines and other sites. If you include links back to your site in the articles, this can create hundreds, even thousands, of inbound links to your site or blog, which can help improve your ranking in search engine results. Ranking at the top of Google search results pages can translate into significant traffic increases to your site or blog and, hence, conversions (i.e., sales, subscribers, viewers, etc.).

The following resources explain why and  how to use article directories for promotion: