Monday, July 5, 2010

Corporate Blogging!

Image by Ivan Walsh

Contributing to the social Web is the quintessential element to any successful social media marketing effort. These contributions can range from developing a persuasive product or service YouTube video to setting up a company fan page on Facebook. One method gaining popularity is the corporate blog. A corporate blog provides a way to directly interact with your customers to craft a company personality, convey your company values and beliefs, empower customers, gather invaluable feedback, generate excitement about new products or services, and generally enhancing your company's presence on the social Web.

However, producing a corporate blog can be tricky. The key is to offer value, while not beating the consumer over the head with the "company line." You want to be informative, while avoiding the appearance of simply spouting "company propaganda." In addition, you a want to be personal, modest, and most important--tell an intriguing story. The majority of corporate blogs have trouble attracting viewers. By telling a story, you not only attract viewership, but encourage comments.

The following are useful resources for establishing an effective corporate blog, while sidestepping common traps and hazards:


  1. Corporate blogging is a good idea if you anticipate your customers/prospects to be avid bloggers.

    I personally am not a blogger nor do I tend to read many blogs this this sort of advertising would not appeal to me.

  2. Amanda--the best corporate blogs are not advertising-based. Instead, they focus on assisting you. For example, they provide cooking advice or invite your input on improving products you use.

  3. I love that your post says "However, producing a corporate blog can be tricky. The key is to offer value, while not beating the consumer over the head with the "company line." This allows consumers to know that you believe in your product but you are also there to answer questions, give good tips for use of product and to be open to comments.
    The story part makes me think, but how would you incorporate a story into your blog? Are we talking about a company story, a consumer story or something else?
    Something I learned about blogging as a company is you're going to want your head people as well as legal representation check out your posts before publishing to make sure you haven't misstated anything.
    Blogging as a company would be a great idea if you made sure you weren't pushing a product down someones throat but showing people your product and offering numerous services to them.
    Katie Rogers

  4. Thank you Katie - the feedback is appreciated!