Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Career Opportunities in Social Media Marketing!

How hot is social media marketing (SMM)? According to the CMO Survey, sponsored by the Duke University Fuqua School of Business and American Marketing Association, social media spending is expected to grow by a  whopping 300 percent in the next 5 years!

What does the rapid growth in social media spending mean for jobs in the field? The Social Media Influence report, The State of Social Media Jobs 2010, found that, “The number of social media job postings has increased by more than 600 percent to over 21,000 in the past five years.” Moreover, the demand for social media marketers is expected to continue and expand rapidly, as more corporations embrace social media as viable marketing strategy. Admittedly, in relative terms, the number of SMM jobs is still small compared to traditional PR, marketing, and advertising positions. Despite the diminutive size, social media jobs are where the rapid growth is occurring, while the conventional positions are shrinking or stagnant.

To learn more about the career opportunities in social media marketing, check out the following resources:


  1. What a great list of useful resources! I am considering getting a job in the field of social media and I have really enjoyed reading all of your blogs! Everyone of your blog contains so much good stuff! Thanks! I will be sure to come back to visit your blog periodically to learn new things about social media.

  2. Tylor--glad you found the post helpful. Social media marketing is a hot field, with many exciting career opportunities.


  3. This week I was watching the news in a Brazilian TV and they were talking about the rapid growing number of jobs as Social Media Market.

    Then I read the text one instructor in college recommended and I see this blog and again the same message: it is growing the number of jobs in the Social Media Market.

    I see companies are waking up for the need consumers have to express ideas.
    Companies who do not listen may be out of the marketing in few years.

    This 2 way conversation is easy, fast, and cheap thanks to the social media.

    Everybody must know how to use these tools: as consumers or… as a Social Media Marketer!

    Tathiane Locatelli

  4. You cannot be in business and not have a social media account these days. It really is such a useful tool for interacting with your clients which makes them feel like they are with you and apart of what is going on. It is also a great way to get the word out but what is happening at your business!

    I believe that the social media jobs will increase even more than they have done so. This is new wave of marketing to clients!

    Sara Qualls

  5. I can certainly see us having a qualified pool of social media experts in the next few years as the Millennial Generation enters the workforce. I’m guessing these generations could start their Social Media careers in an online marketing support or designer’s position and move through the ranks to a Social Media Specialist type of role. With as technologically savvy as this generation seems to be with a degree in marketing, communications, etc. they could easily find themselves in a Social Media Manager jobs once they have some experience under their belt.

    Social Media really does appear to be a very exciting front and certainly has connected people socially and allow an unbelievable level of self-expression. In addition social media has been a key tool for collaboration and an incredible source of information.

    I would anticipate Social Media growing significantly in many organizations Marketing Department in the upcoming years. I wonder if universities will design a major or minor in Social Media. Would anyone reading this be interested in a specialized degree like this?

    Rhonda Purdy

  6. Tathiane, sounds like this is a merging profession. With the amount of time people today spend on social networking sites and the internet in general it makes sense to change the focus of marketing to this venue. Additional, many young folks today that are entering the workforce are also becoming major consumers of products and these individuals grew up with technology and are not just comfortable with social media, they've come to expect it as a personal and now professional means of communicating and meeting their needs.

    Rhonda Purdy

  7. Sara and Rhonda--studies show that although the total number of social media marketing jobs are less than in fields like search engine optimization, social media positions are growing much more rapidly. Companies no longer have the luxury of sitting on the sidelines--where you participate in social media or not, someone is on the social Web talking about your business, brand, product, or service.