Monday, July 12, 2010

Implementing Social Media Marketing Campaigns!

These days, everyone seems to be a trumpeting a new wiz-bang social media marketing strategy guaranteed to pump up your company's online presence. Consultants crank out social media marketing books and experts abound with advice. The bottom line is that like with any marketing effort, social media marketing campaigns must be carefully planned, executed, monitored, and tuned. The following resources provide some insights about how to accomplish these tasks:


  1. WOW! I specifically reviewed this because I wanted to get over my overwhelmed feelings of just looking at this picture and what it takes to implement social media marketing. As you mentioned in your post, a picture truly is worth a thousand words, and this one drew me in.
    I was particularly intested in your 5 advanced strategies for small businesses, as my husband owns his own Meteorology and Agricultural Forecasting business. He is beginning to venture out globally, targeting specific specialties, such as filmmakers, geologists, etc.
    I absolutely love your idea of filming with a cheap flip camcorder, which we have, keeping production costs low, and including some down-to-earth pics of who's behind the business and camera. We don't want to appear as a stuffy corporate company. We are actually very down to earth and do get dirty with traveling to remote areas, getting to know the land, people and culture. This would show our prospective clients that we really are in their neck of the woods, with knowledge and interest in their needs, which is one way we can show we care about our customers/clients. And we have fun! Everyone can relate to pictures/film of that.
    Thanks for the great ideas!
    Tracy Stephens

  2. Hi Tracy,

    Glad you found this post so useful. You know the old saying, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail. That applies especially to social media marketing campaigns. ;-)