Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Got an article published in Changing Careers Magazine!

Also can be found on page 27 here:


  1. While today’s job market may never fully recover due to increasing population and technological demands making jobs harder to find, the internet has changed the face of job hunting forever. “Job search” website services are able to quickly bridge the divide between the largest conglomerates to the direct candidate/consumer sitting comfortably at home.
    Once your information is processed by the site you can be matched up with suitable employment or product opportunities.
    If you chose to apply through internet job search websites, RoboForm will assist you in saving time when filling out multiple applications on differing sites. RoboForm will offer to fill your personal information into multiple job application sites at once. But how safe is all of this “encrypted” personal information out on the web? How is it protected and how does that compare with internet security systems used for other sensitive information? Being new to the internet and technology as increasing numbers of people are, it seems that our information can be lost or hacked into quite easily and internet identity theft is on the rise alongside technology.
    John Donovan Goldsmith

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  3. Hi John,

    The personal data is stored on your computer until you elect to place it in job application forms. I hope that answers your question about data safety.