Thursday, March 18, 2010

Using Bookmarking Sites to Promote Your Business!

Social bookmarking is a way to store, manage, and publicly share your favorite Web site links (bookmarks), much like using Favorites or Bookmarks features in an Internet browser. Benefits of using a social bookmarking site include tagging (adding descriptive words to links), voting on links (which ranks them by popularity), and search other people's bookmarks for sites that match your interests.  

To use a social bookmarking site, you must register. Popular social bookmarking sites include Delicious, StumbleUpon, Digg, FuzzFizz, Netvouz, Newnooze, Jumptags, and Wikio.

By having quality, relevant, useful, and unique content on your Web site or blog, you can gain votes, which will move your links up in the social bookmarking rankings. Just like with search engine results, higher rankings can translate into additional traffic to your site or blog and, hopefully, more conversions (e.g., sales, subscriptions, etc.). Another strategy to improve your site ranking is to have your friends vote for your site links. 

In addition to promoting your site and increasing Web traffic, you can use social bookmarking rankings and tags to spot who is online and what they are interested in. Identifying niche markets with unmet needs and organizing your marketing mix to reach those niche markets and satisfy their unmet needs is not only a smart business strategy, but essential to surviving in this economy.  

The following resources provide a variety of ideas and suggestions for using social bookmarking sites to promote and increase your business:


  1. I worked for a business that had a website but the people did not know how to run it at all. Customers would always come in and complain about it. They eventually hired a person to come in and just run the website. It was cool to see how much of a turn around that made. People began to come into the store because of the website. People were not as frustrated.
    The man in charge of the website used social bookmarking when he was working to improve the site and it made such a difference!
    Abigail Davis.

  2. I had worked for a company that had a website but did not know how to run it at all. we always had people coming in and complaining about it. Eventually they hired a person to come in and improve the website. It made such a huge difference and customers began to notice as well. One of the things that was improved on the site was that they used social bookmarking. It was cool to see how it worked and how much it actually made a difference.

  3. I liked your blog about bookmarking sites, and links to your own site. This sounds like a fun way to get more traffic through your site, which will give a person a better chance at others viewing and possibly purchasing some of your product.
    I have a face book and have several bookmarks, but these are games and things that I play with my family from around the U.S. I do think this idea is great if at any point I have my own business I would want to try this with my web site.
    Nicky Bolt

  4. I'll be honest. Before reading this I had no idea what social bookmarking was. I did not even know it existed. But after reading this post I feel compelled to share my newfound knowledge. Social bookmarking sounds like an amazing idea where everyone wins.

    The ranking system and voting system ensures the quality of the tagged links. If a link has a high ranking you know it will be worth your while to check out. And if your web site or blog garners high votes then more people will go on to it which creates more buzz about you. "Identifing niche market with unmet needs..." This is a great opportunity for businesses to become successful.

    Matthew Weaver

  5. This sounds like an excellent marketing tool. I have never heard of social bookmarking sites before reading this blog, but I will be checking out those suggested sites very soon.

    It appears this is an inexpensive way to get more traffic to your site because it really only costs time. Also if you can view the ranks of other sites and can follow the trends, it could enable your business to know their target market better.
    -Amy Peterson

  6. Glad I could bring to light this really cool social media service to you all!

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