Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Driving Conversation with Article Directories

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Article directories are another incredibly effective way to promote your Web site for free. Article directories are public content depositories, where you can submit articles and Web site owners can pick them up for placement on their own sites. Since there are tens of thousands of ezines (electronic magazines) and other content-heavy sites, the requirement is a never ending for a fresh stream of articles to attract viewership, links, and gain high search engine rankings.

You can generate a large number of relevant links back to your site or blog by writing unique articles and submitting them to these article directories. If you follow the rather strict and lengthy submission guidelines at these article directories and create timely, catchy and well-written stories, your articles are likely to be approved and made available for use by ezines and other sites. If you include links back to your site in the articles, this can create hundreds, even thousands, of inbound links to your site or blog, which can help improve your ranking in search engine results. Ranking at the top of Google search results pages can translate into significant traffic increases to your site or blog and, hence, conversions (i.e., sales, subscribers, viewers, etc.).

The following resources explain why and  how to use article directories for promotion:


  1. Exposure to a business' website is such an important factor that seems like a no brainer to some, and a Mt. Everest to others. I read that link to the 5 easy ways to promote articles, and I kept thinking about how important websites are. Not even just promotional websites, but anything about anything. A passing comment counts as free advertising, and any little bit helps!

    The communication between websites is great too. Not communication,I suppose, as much as a you scratch my back I'll scratch yours mentality. Mutual representation between two businesses online is another fantastic way to get the word out, for little to no cost. A customer likes one service, and takes a reccomendation to another from that website, and everyone wins. Ahh the joys of technology. Great blog :)
    -Krystianna Wichman

  2. Krystianna,

    Thank you for the kind words about the blog and you make excellent point regarding the importance of connections among Web sites. A big part of Google's ranking of search results is based on the number and quality of inbound links to your Web site. An article that goes "viral" can create many inbound links from the sites that post it.

  3. I think that article directories sounds like such a good idea, it will keep web sites with good communication and linked to each other.

    As for the links below on how to use article directories and why to use it are very helpful links and I think will make it very easier for everyone who is interested in learning why and how to use the article directories.
    John Beach

  4. John--glad you found the information of value. Article directories do provide a great way to create inbound links to your blog or Web sites, which should help improve your ranking on search engines like Google.

  5. Article directories are not something that I would have really thought about, but it makes so much sense. I often read articles on the web. When I find interesting, well written articles, I want to learn more information.

    If I really like an article I would be likely to access available links. These links can are a great way to improve ratings on search engines and increase the number of hits the Web site receives.

    Athena Lorig

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